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Ethnocentrism 02

What are some problems with ethnocentrism in the UAE?

  • Emiratis love to show their generosity, Specially when they host someone in their house, they serve various types of food and expensive perfumes. So, some of them feels unappreciated ¬†and kind of weird when they aren’t served with generosity.
  • People who live in a small regions in the UAE, does not accept seeing women works/study in a mixed-gender environments. the reason behind this is that they’re restricted to the traditions and culture, also because they think that it doesn’t match with our religion.

How could these problems be overcome?

  • Be humble. Respect other people’s financial situations and the culture they came from and kindly appreciate their hospitality.
  • they have to open their minds and change the way they think about that because as long as they’re respecting others and wearing abaya and shaila (fully covered) it’s okay to be in a mixed-gender environment.

Ethnocentrism 01

3 things about a different culture that I didn’t know before.

1-  Culture of Madagascar:

They have a unique ritual¬†to celebrate family ties called Famadihana, also known as ‚Äėturning of the bones‚Äô. During the festival, Family¬†crypts are opened up and the remains of dead ancestors are brought out to be wrapped in a new cloth.Then they dance with the corpses in great joy.Live music is played, animals are sacrificed and the meat is distributed to various guests and members of the family. the purpose of this festival¬†is to show your family how much you love them.

if you want to know more about Famadihana, please watch the video below:


2- Culture of Russia:

Russians sit quietly for a few seconds before traveling.
Before heading out on a journey, they say “let’s sit down for the road.” Back in the day, it¬†meant to stop, not to take the way of evil spirits and people would sit in silence for a few seconds and then say a quick prayer for the journey ahead.

In modern Russian ‚Äúto sit down before the journey‚ÄĚ means to sit and be quiet, clear your mind of negative thoughts before a long journey, focus on whether you have packed everything.

For more details, please check the link below:

3-  Culture of Kayan:

Kayan women, from Kayah state, wear brass coils around their necks to give the impression that their necks are stretched.
Having a long neck is often seen as beautiful in Kayan culture.

To know more about “Neck Rings”, please check the link below:¬†

Stories – Three Colours Worldview

Alive eats soup:

The worldview that’s prominent in this story is Honor/Shame. Alvis parents think that it will be a shame if his granny, ¬†a¬†chief, knew that he only eats soup.


they would be honored if he ate something else. 

one of the typical behaviors is : “Invests energy to ensure they can¬†work for or¬†be seen by people with positions of power.


his parents were worried about what the granny will think/say if she saw her grandson eats soup only. 

Robot Racers (2):

the worldview that’s prominent in this story is¬†Innocent/guilt. Tanktop (the big robot)¬†¬†doesn‚Äôt follow the rules. he cheated by ruining a thing in every robot to get a chance to win the race. when squeeky (the old robot) joined the race, tanktop wanted to win so bad, so he did his best to make squeeky struggle in the race. he reached the front wheel and undid the screw.


Squeeky followed the rules and he won. 

the judges looked at the photograph to know who exactly crossed the line first .

“Focus on establishing what is right and wrong”, “Fairness is important”.¬†


The Gruffalo: 

the worldview that’s prominent in this story is Power/Fear.¬†

the mouse was telling the animals that they’re the¬†gruffalos favorite food just to scare them. when the gruffalo appeared, he wanted to eat the mouse but he told him that he is scariest creature in the wood, and he showed him how the animals are afraid of him but in fact, they were running away because of the gruffalo.


the gruffalo believed him. the mouse¬†even scared the gruffalo and told him that “gruffalo” is his favorite food so he was easily afraid of him so, he ran away.



“Depend on key relationships within the group to influence others.”

Three colours worldview

Worldview score: 

Honor/Shame: 8, Guilt/innocence: 9, Power/Fear: 3

The five sentences that are most similar to my personality: 

  1. Passionate about making the right choices in life
  2. Fairness, consistency and transparency are important
  3. Focus on what benefits are in it for them
  4. Often tends to use direct communication
  5. Historical events are important to consider the development of today’s relationships


6 Dimensions – Comparing between US and Japan

6 Dimensions America Japan

Power Distance

  • Lower power distance (40).
  • Flatter organizations.
  • Supervisors and employees are considered almost as equals.

  • Average power distance (54).
  • ¬†Centralized companies.
  • Some gaps in compensation authority and respect.

Individualism / Collectivism

  • Higher Individuality (91).
  • High valuation on people’s time and their need for freedom.
  • An enjoyment of challenges, and an expectation of rewards for hard work.
  • Respect for privacy.

  • Higher Collectivism (46).
  • Emphasis on building skills and becoming masters of something.
  • Work for intrinsic rewards.
  • Harmony more important than honesty.

Uncertainty Avoidance

  • Low UAI (46).
  • Informal business attitude.
  • More concern with long term strategy than what is happening on daily basis.
  • Accepting of change and risk.

  • ¬†Higher UAI (92).
  • Very formal business conduct with lots of rules and policies.
  • Need and expect structure.
  • Sense of nervousness spurns high levels of emotions and expression.
  • Differences are avoided.

Masculinity / femininity

  • More likely to Masculinity (62).
  • A women can do anything a man can do.
  • Powerful and successful women are admired and respected.

  • Higher MAS (95).
  • Men are masculine and women are feminine.
  • There is a well-defined distinction between men’s work and women’s work.

Long term orientation / short term orientation

  • Lower LTO (26).
  • Promotion of equality.
  • High creativity, individualism.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Self-actualization is sought.

  • Higher LTO (88).
  • Family is the basis of society.
  • Parents and men have more authority than young people and women.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • High value placed on education and training.

Indulgence  / restraint

  • More likely to indulgence (68).
  • Free to enjoy life and have fun.
  • Instant gratification.
  • Lose social norms.

  • Higher restraint (42).
  • Self-restrained.
  • Curb gratification.
  • Strict social norms.