Cultural Shock 02

  • Imagine that you were going to live in another country, Australia for example. What would you miss about the UAE?Ā 

In general, I’ll miss UAE and it’s environment but to be specific I’ll miss my hometown , my family and my friends. Adding different kindĀ ofĀ spices to the food will be missed too, also I’ll miss my favorite drink which isĀ my mother’s karak šŸ˜¦Ā 

  • What kind of culture shock do you think you might feel?

The cultural shocks i might feel areĀ the feelings of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new environment, and not knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate. Using Ā different currencies may be confusing at the beginning too. If you wonder, Cold weather won’t be a problem as long as I wear heavy clothes.

  • What do you think you could do to try and minimize the effect of culture shock?

Try to adjust to new food, customs, language, people and activities. Interacting with people and making friends, a book and a cup of coffee also may help to minimize the effects of cultural shocks.Ā 


Intern Host Country Comments
Megan Ghana






Sasha Sweden





Trish Scotland




She was okay but when she opened the letters she started laughing and Bawling.


Janna Costa Rica



Ā Loved the culture but she woke up next day

and she hated everything


Frog juice.


This juice is made fromĀ frogs andĀ Andean plants and itā€™s this mixture of ingredients that makes a drink of frog juice so special in Peru. it considered to be anĀ spiritual beverage.

Why do they drink it ?

“I always come to drink frog juice here because it’s good for the children, For anemia, bronchitis and also good for older persons.”

People claim that it can be used to treat things like asthma, bronchitis and anaemia. It also apparently gives drinkers a natural energy boost and itā€™s considered to be an aphrodisiac that boosts sex drive.

But there’s a doctor who said “There is no scientific evidence confirming any medicinal benefits from frog juice”.Ā 

Personally, I don’t think that I’m going to take the risk and drinkĀ the frog juice, due to the fact that this frog died by beating his head on the table plus frogs eat bugs!Ā . There’s a lot of different ways and medications to heal and cure their disease. However, I understand the difference between the cultures and lifestyles and what it can possibly mean to them, but to me it’s one of the strangest cultures.


References :Ā

How Rude Was That?

  1. Telling someone they don’t look well.There’s a good and a bad way of saying it, Ā for example if someone is sick I’ll ask them : you don’t look well, are you okay?, because i care about them But if I want to bully them by their looking then it’s very rude.Some people around the world says it’s really rude to tell someone that because not everyone looks likeĀ what is happening to them.
  2. Kissing in public. In UAE, women greets each other by kissing cheeks and it’s okay to do it in public otherwise it’s really rude because it’s something private. but in some other countries they think it’s okay and normal because this is how they show their love to their beloved ones.
  3. Telling the details of a friend’s divorce. It’s rude to talk about someones private life so why i talk about divorce? actually it’s a shame to get divorced without logical reasons either you’re a man or a woman, and i think that it’s not polite unless they told you about their divorce by themselves. In other countries it’s not good to say it directly but they use sentences that shows that they are not together anymore.

Arabic Calligraphy.

“Arabic calligraphy is a deepĀ part of the Arabian heritage and culture “.

Arabic calligraphy shows the beauty of the Arabic letters. Not everyone is capable of doing it same as some people who can’t paint or draw. It’s considered as an art, a really beautiful art to look at.

the picture below shows the Arabic calligraphy.


This calligraphy says “Perhaps what you want will happen”.

There’s different kind of pens to do some calligraphy yet they’re all specified as calligraphy pens.

So here is a set of pens/ Brushes :

arabic-calligraphy.jpgThere’s some more different kinds.

Once a calligrapher saidĀ “Don’t let the pen do the calligraphy but let your hand to do it”, Ā this means that once you know how to do calligraphy, the kind or the type of the pen will not be a problem.

Today, I wrote this just to show my participationĀ in the class:


“Healthy Morning “. (it’s not the exact meaning).

Personal Post

Hello, my name is Salma Matar AlMansoori. I’m 19 years old. I live in Abu Dhabi. Beside to Arabic and English, I can speak a little bit of Urdu and I’m planning to learn a new language.

I’m a coffeeholic and a reader, I love books and coffee so much. I’m interested in Abstract art and arabic calligraphy. Whenever I’m free I do calligraphy and I try to learn how to paint.

My goals this semester are to get rid of negative people, to work hard as much as i can and to have five A’s in my transcript :D!.