Arabic Calligraphy.

“Arabic calligraphy is a deepĀ part of the Arabian heritage and culture “.

Arabic calligraphy shows the beauty of the Arabic letters. Not everyone is capable of doing it same as some people who can’t paint or draw. It’s considered as an art, a really beautiful art to look at.

the picture below shows the Arabic calligraphy.


This calligraphy says “Perhaps what you want will happen”.

There’s different kind of pens to do some calligraphy yet they’re all specified as calligraphy pens.

So here is a set of pens/ Brushes :

arabic-calligraphy.jpgThere’s some more different kinds.

Once a calligrapher saidĀ “Don’t let the pen do the calligraphy but let your hand to do it”, Ā this means that once you know how to do calligraphy, the kind or the type of the pen will not be a problem.

Today, I wrote this just to show my participationĀ in the class:


“Healthy Morning “. (it’s not the exact meaning).


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