How Rude Was That?

  1. Telling someone they don’t look well.There’s a good and a bad way of saying it,  for example if someone is sick I’ll ask them : you don’t look well, are you okay?, because i care about them But if I want to bully them by their looking then it’s very rude.Some people around the world says it’s really rude to tell someone that because not everyone looks like what is happening to them.
  2. Kissing in public. In UAE, women greets each other by kissing cheeks and it’s okay to do it in public otherwise it’s really rude because it’s something private. but in some other countries they think it’s okay and normal because this is how they show their love to their beloved ones.
  3. Telling the details of a friend’s divorce. It’s rude to talk about someones private life so why i talk about divorce? actually it’s a shame to get divorced without logical reasons either you’re a man or a woman, and i think that it’s not polite unless they told you about their divorce by themselves. In other countries it’s not good to say it directly but they use sentences that shows that they are not together anymore.

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