Culture Clash


Answers :

1-Unrespectful, rude. Some may not do that because they take care about their appearance. Also, it may be a problem for those who are always well-dressed.

2- Using the word “Yesterday” probably means that the american businesswomen want’s the report as soon as possible. Maybe some of them will get it as “too late” but not in a direct phrase. 

3- Some of people find it really interesting to talk about work at dinner parties and some find it rude because the purpose of the dinner party is to have fun and enjoy your time out of work. 

4- Hong kong is one of the strongest Monochronic cultures and this is why he will get mad when they’re late but not all the employees will be comfortable with his new rule specially those who don’t give time it’s value or who came to work from a polychronic cultures.

5- Spain is Polychronic and USA-NYC is Monochronic, this means that the spanish secretary did a great job to complete the report before the deadline.  

6- I shouldn’t wipe my hand and face after the meal, because chinese/japanese people clean/wipe hands before the meal and maybe this will make my chinese colleague thinks that i’m rude unless he understands that I don’t have experience with the hot towel as a result of the difference between our cultures.


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