High/Low Context Culture

  • Strong sense of family (H) : Family always comes first. When life isn’t treating you well, family will do anything/everything just to see you happy, they will stand by your side when everyone leaves you. This is why i think it’s important to me to have a very strong sense with my family ❤
  • ‘Have a go at it’ philosophy (L) : I think going through a new experiences is more fun than staying in your comfort zone. Taking risks and go for something new will always make you gain skills, knowledge and sometimes, it gives you some lessons in life. 
  • Close personal relationships (H) : I don’t mind to have a lot of friends or mates and communicate with them but i prefer having few real loyal, honest, friends that i can trust, like blind trust, and i can be sure that they will be there when i’m in need and for sure i’ll do the same and more. knowing people is really fun but sometimes it’s good to have limits with them. 

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