6 Dimensions – Comparing between US and Japan

6 Dimensions America Japan

Power Distance

  • Lower power distance (40).
  • Flatter organizations.
  • Supervisors and employees are considered almost as equals.

  • Average power distance (54).
  • Ā Centralized companies.
  • Some gaps in compensation authority and respect.

Individualism / Collectivism

  • Higher Individuality (91).
  • High valuation on people’s time and their need for freedom.
  • An enjoyment of challenges, and an expectation of rewards for hard work.
  • Respect for privacy.

  • Higher Collectivism (46).
  • Emphasis on building skills and becoming masters of something.
  • Work for intrinsic rewards.
  • Harmony more important than honesty.

Uncertainty Avoidance

  • Low UAI (46).
  • Informal business attitude.
  • More concern with long term strategy than what is happening on daily basis.
  • Accepting of change and risk.

  • Ā Higher UAI (92).
  • Very formal business conduct with lots of rules and policies.
  • Need and expect structure.
  • Sense of nervousness spurns high levels of emotions and expression.
  • Differences are avoided.

Masculinity / femininity

  • More likely to Masculinity (62).
  • A women can do anything a man can do.
  • Powerful and successful women are admired and respected.

  • Higher MAS (95).
  • Men are masculine and women are feminine.
  • There is a well-defined distinction between men’s work and women’s work.

Long term orientation / short term orientation

  • Lower LTO (26).
  • Promotion of equality.
  • High creativity, individualism.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Self-actualization is sought.

  • Higher LTO (88).
  • Family is the basis of society.
  • Parents and men have more authority than young people and women.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • High value placed on education and training.

Indulgence Ā / restraint

  • More likely to indulgence (68).
  • Free to enjoy life and have fun.
  • Instant gratification.
  • Lose social norms.

  • Higher restraint (42).
  • Self-restrained.
  • Curb gratification.
  • Strict social norms.



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