Stories – Three Colours Worldview

Alive eats soup:

The worldview that’s prominent in this story is Honor/Shame. Alvis parents think that it will be a shame if his granny, Ā aĀ chief, knew that he only eats soup.


they would be honored if he ate something else.Ā 

one of the typical behaviors is : “Invests energy to ensure they canĀ work for orĀ be seen by people with positions of power.


his parents were worried about what the granny will think/say if she saw her grandson eats soup only.Ā 

Robot Racers (2):

the worldview that’s prominent in this story isĀ Innocent/guilt. Tanktop (the big robot)Ā Ā doesnā€™t follow the rules. he cheated by ruining a thing in every robot to get a chance to win the race. when squeeky (the old robot) joined the race, tanktop wanted to win so bad, so he did his best to make squeeky struggle in the race. he reached the front wheel and undid the screw.


Squeeky followed the rules and he won.Ā 

the judges looked at the photograph to know who exactly crossed the line firstĀ .

“Focus on establishing what is right and wrong”, “Fairness is important”.Ā 


The Gruffalo:Ā 

the worldview that’s prominent in this story is Power/Fear.Ā 

the mouse was telling the animals that they’re theĀ gruffalos favorite food just to scare them. when the gruffalo appeared, he wanted to eat the mouse but he told him that he is scariest creature in the wood, and he showed him how the animals are afraid of him but in fact, they were running away because of the gruffalo.


the gruffalo believed him. the mouseĀ even scared the gruffalo and told him that “gruffalo” is his favorite food so he was easily afraid of him so, he ran away.



“Depend on key relationships within the group to influence others.”


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