Ethnocentrism 02

What are some problems with ethnocentrism in the UAE?

  • Emiratis love to show their generosity, Specially when they host someone in their house, they serve various types of food and expensive perfumes. So, some of them feels unappreciated  and kind of weird when they aren’t served with generosity.
  • People who live in a small regions in the UAE, does not accept seeing women works/study in a mixed-gender environments. the reason behind this is that they’re restricted to the traditions and culture, also because they think that it doesn’t match with our religion.

How could these problems be overcome?

  • Be humble. Respect other people’s financial situations and the culture they came from and kindly appreciate their hospitality.
  • they have to open their minds and change the way they think about that because as long as they’re respecting others and wearing abaya and shaila (fully covered) it’s okay to be in a mixed-gender environment.

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